Our Values

Who we are

TMRW is a community of founders and senior ecommerce leaders. We believe that for brands and retailers, the path to success and growth lies in being open, honest, helpful and centred around paying it forward.

  • We believe we will be more successful by helping one another succeed, rather than merely competing.
  • We commit to going beyond simply being helpful, but rather going out our way to add value to fellow community members.
  • We aim to be there to support one another when things are tough, not just when things are going great.
  • We share contacts, opportunities and insights freely, and recognise that the currency is "giving" rather than receiving. In so doing, the more we give and offer support to others, the more we can expect back when we need it.
  • We are committed to celebrating diversity in all shapes and sizes.
  • We treat one another with respect but do not shy away from sharing our real opinions and differences as this will help one another grow. Debate and differences are encouraged so long as the intention behind them are to add value to the community.

What we do

  • TMRW's founders host dinners for new members to ensure they are valuable, engaged in the ethos, and buy into the principles that will help the community thrive, this can only be achieved with in person connection.
  • After the dinner, new members are introduced to the community over email, and they can begin to contribute to the experience and knowledge of our members.
  • We connect everyone over an email community using copyin, where any member can pose a question, and have it answered by others, no matter how tough the question the idea is someone has already been through it and will take the time to share their wisdom and pay it forward, helping that person through that issue.
  • Over time we will endeavour to bring members together at casual events to encourage connections IRL.

Why we do it

  • We’ve met loads of ecommerce founders and CXOs who shared similar values to us. We want to bring these minds together so we can all benefit from a real impact on all our businesses.
  • As founders ourselves, we built strong relationships by being open and honest about our challenges. This often accelerated their resolution.
  • We believe that most of the "Old Guard" of brand builders don't operate this way, whereas new millennial brands do act this way and stand to benefit from this community.


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