How it works

  • New members are invited to a welcome dinner where we explain the principles/values and share our stories in a Chatham House Rule environment
  • New members are added to Copyin, the email software that enables you to send one email that goes to all members, follow and save threads that you find important, like and reply to emails in that thread, or ignore the conversation entirely if you can't help or have no interest.
  • Any time you have a question, problem or indeed disaster, you should feel comfortable to send it to members and expect to receive numerous quality responses. Who knows, one response might well save your business.
  • All members are required to check the email subject and if you have experience/can help in any way, it's your responsibility to find the time to do so. This is the most important rule.
  • Every single question and answer is kept in Copyin's website for everyone to reference back to at any time, so the more questions and answers the more group knowledge we can make available.
  • Every community member is crucial to whether this concept thrives and becomes a meaningful toolkit to help us succeed.

Where is TMRW

Initially, we are kicking off in the two strongest E-commerce markets globally, New York and London.

How is it funded?

Every member makes a donation of £35 / $45 towards their dinner, this is predominantly to avoid dropouts/flaking, as TMRW is only able to thrive with connections made in person.

The remainder is split by the founders of We Make Websites & Ometria who are committed to building this community together.

Who are members, how are they added?

  • Every member has come to a welcome dinner and shared their story, demonstrating a willingness to be vulnerable and open.
  • Every member is holding either a C-suite position or is the founder of a D2C e-commerce brand.
  • We welcome early and later stage companies, however, a minimum requirement is to have either a 1m annual turnover or have raised a round of £1m, this is mostly to ensure that the range of challenges remains relevant.
  • There is no cost, so no member can pay to be part of TMRW — only members upholding the values are welcome. They are recommended using the 'apply' button below, and we will aim to get them along to dinner.
  • In an ideal world, members have been vetted accordingly so all dinner attendees are added, but of course if at dinner it's made clear they would abuse their access or not contribute, we will make clear why they won't be added.


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